The beautiful thing about life is that it is in phases. And phases pass.

I was looking at some of my pictures, and pictures with people, and I was just moved…..asking myself how I made it through some of those phases, reminiscing the experiences and feelings that each of those pictures reminded me of and wondering at the realisation that all I have now of those past moments is PICTURES, and whatever other intangibles I acquired during the phases.

It also made me appreciate the value of pictures. They are a wonderful way to preserve and relive memories. Keep taking them, and those selfies too. *wink*. Memories that one should keep in touch with to appreciate the transiency of this life and its various moments.

Someone has said that you never know the value of a moment until it becomes past.

I am blessed with having vivid memories of past events and experiences, yet pictures make it all the more real and moving for me.

An overall effect from the reminiscing is the self-encouragement that comes from it. You realise again that the present phase you are in now is a passing one (already)….especially when it is one you wish to move on quickly from.  You are encouraged that it will soon be past again like the pictures of the past you are staring at.

Life is in phases. This phase will pass again, and another will come. Don’t just keep waiting for the next without really living.

Enjoy yourself in the midst of it all, and don’t lose hope.

That which you are looking forward to will soon come to pass again.



About adedoyinsaliu

Analytical thinker. Outstanding personality. Ambitious loner. Sensitive Ideo-Realist. Interested in business, people & literature. Believer in God.
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